Senior Backend Engineer & Devops/SysOps Engineer


Senior Backend Engineer & Devops/SysOps Engineer

6 mes
  • Cargo: Desarrollador/a Back-end
  • Experiencia: 3 años
  • Ubicación: En remoto (Sede en Valencia)
  • Formación: -
  • Salario: 46,000 - 50,000 € (brutos/año)
  • Habilidades:

Your responsibilities

● Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code.

● Integration of data storage solutions: MongoDB, Redis etc

● Maintain company infrastructure (AWS, Video storage, video processing etc)

● Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems

● Help maintain code quality, organization and automatization

● Help product team understand technical problems and propose good solutions


Your background

● Experience with Ruby on Rails stack and most used libraries like Sidekiq, Devise, MongoID etc or at least proficiency in the equivalent on a different language + framework.

● Experience with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform or similar)

● Excellent understanding of the technology that conforms the Infrastructure

● Understanding of Software paradigms (Object Oriented, Functional etc)

● Understanding of Clean Architecture and Clean Code principles and patterns (MVC, MVP, ADR, MVVM etc)

● Always willing to help the rest of the team (Pair programming, code reviews, tech stack improvements etc)



● Salary: 46k-50k

● Stock Options

● A personal budget for tech training: You will be rewarded up to 1000€ for training by proactively devising tech talks (in house or representing Camillion)

● Seniority bonus: you will be rewarded a certain amount of money the more years you work with us

● Maternity/paternity leave bonus: you will receive 1000€ when you are taking care of your newborn baby.

● Referral bonus: You will receive up to 1000€ for referring employees that end up being hired.

● Free days on December 24th, 31st (or equivalent) and on your birthday.

● Discounts to acquire Equity on Funding rounds.

● Opportunity to experiment with new technologies if you think it is the best, also non trivial experimentation with video technologies

● Fun at work (tech talks, activities & games)

● Fully remote with the opportunity to meet. Work-life balance.

● All the equipment you could need to work comfortably

● Free days to participate in tech events


Why join us

● We are changing how fully-remote and hybrid teams collaborate and how remote work will look like for decades to come. Your work will have an impact on a global scale.

● We are planning for hyper-growth. Working in a fast moving startup environment will also grow you as a person and prepare you to be a successful leader.

● You will be part of a group of highly ambitious people. You may have heard that "you become the average of the five people you spend the most time around". Expect that

average to be very high at Camillion.

● We are an inclusive team and value everyone's unique background. We expect different opinions and appreciate honest and frequent feedback. We thrive to create a safe work environment where nobody has to hide their real self.

● You will be working with the latest tech stack and able to choose your favorite tools (as long as you manage to convince the team of their beauty).

● We are committed to give you the tools that make you the most productive. We will support you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. This includes prioritizing your wellbeing over vanity metrics.